Maison Phoenix is a not - for - profit organisation which will offer 3 ½ room apartments for seniors 65 years of age or older, wishing to live close to the heart of Val-David, in a co-operative, supportive, intergenerational milieu. The building will be adjacent to the new village public school. A portion of the apartments will be reserved for persons with reduced revenue. Meal services, security and leisure are included in the monthly rent. The building is expected to be ready to receive its first occupants by 2022 or 2023.
Maison Phoenix is intended to be a place for people who, despite some degree of reduced autonomy, wish as much as possible to lead a dynamic life connected to the village of Val-David. Residents will be expected to contribute, as much as they are able, to the day-to-day operation of the residential community. They will be able to interact with the children and adolescents of the wider community and to work as volunteers in the municipal library.

Maison Phoenix is a non-profit organisation registered in Quebec. 
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info@maisonphoenix.org, for more information.
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